As we highlight in every opportunity during the implementation of the project, DEMOKLEOS should encourage the young generation to develop a political literacy understanding that supports a modern pluralist and tolerant society with powerful democratic institutions.

The target group of this learning package is any learner interested in its content and approaches. Teachers of all specialties who are willing to spend some time reflecting on their own beliefs and dispositions before starting preparing the lessons of the curriculum or informal activities are directly concerned.

The aim of this learning package is to provide them with knowledge of and skills for the analysis of the development of modern democracies and understand how they function in a pluralistic word. Educational institutions, schools included need to be adapted to cope with complexity and permanent conflict in a pluralistic word. Understanding the meaning of Democracy is the first step to be taken.

Giving information about classical and modern forms of governments and providing basic notions about theories of government, teachers could be helped to support students evaluating them in terms of democratic principles after doing their own research.

Some thematic topics are adaptable for different age groups, as the level of reflection may differ. Some topics, however, are more complex and abstract than others and therefore more suitable for more advanced readers.